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I have transformed my career from hospitality to marketing to technology to entrepreneurship. During this adventure, I  invented and designed a hotel loyalty program, led marketing for several  product launches, built a division for BBDO, led digital marketing for Nike Canada, launched my own business and built employee engagement at Porter Airlines.


Armed with insights, experience and a passion for results, I now help people transform their passion to reality. From developing realistic strategic game-plans to making it all happen, I love this work and seeing my clients succeed and build business. Currently, I am working with a writer, a producer, a social entrepreneur, and a community advocate who is now running for mayor of Toronto.

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For anyone feeling stuck in a fast-changing world, I help people to re-imagine their careers or their business, and help make it happen, from ideation to amplification to execution. Seize your talents and see the possibilities. Choose the help you need.


What do I do? Help you find your purpose. Determine your goals. Craft your story. Freshen up your profile. Amplify your story. Break through. Get that meeting. Build your community. Be the change. Build business. Whatever you need and whatever it takes to get started!


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