Empathy is the new Black

And yes, I do mean in business. My last article on corporate mumbo jumbo was ironically, a little verbose, so I will get straight to the point on this one. It's about customer experience. Yes, CX, DX, and UX. Before you embark on your next initiative for 2017, ask your team, and all of your employees, to walk in your customer’s shoes for one hour and answer these ten questions. This exercise is free and will give you immediate feedback on what you need to consider changing. You may wish to tailor these questions to sync with the reality of your organization, your brand and objectives. How many clicks or seconds does it take to find your company online, without using your company name? How lo

The Fine Art of Office Mumbo Jumbo

Spoiler Alert: If your tolerance for corporate-speak and literal nonsense, is ebbing like a Tsunami, please skip article and head directly to the Translation below. Saying it does not make it true. We’ve all been spending a lot of time lately conjecturing on what clients need. Perhaps we should ask them. Perhaps we should talk to each other in plain language. Be upfront about what we are good at, and what we’re not so good at. Tell it like it is. Be human. Imagine that. The Mumbo Jumbo Recently, after a long and rather circular conversation about what clients need, and what we all need, it was suggested that I should regroup, reconnect and 'socialize our messaging’. I was not aware that we w

Driving to Distraction

Spoiler Alert: I promised more articles on life and technology. This one is not an easy story to read, so you may want to skip it, or you may want to share with anyone tempted to use their phone in the driver’s seat, even for a moment. This past weekend, a texting truck driver in Texas killed 13 people. It’s time to post this letter, which I have written to Erica Stark. Dear Erica, I never had the chance to meet you. I wish I did. I met your whole family. I’ve been to your house. I’ve met your husband, your mom, your sister, and your three, beautiful boys. You see, it was my friend, Lynne, who found you on that terrible November day. One moment you were standing on the sidewalk with the dog

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