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Top 10 Reasons to Use Your Phone During a Live Meeting or Conversation

I work in digital transformation, so you may find this article slightly unexpected.

I hope not.

Transformation is not just about technology. Setting up devops infrastructure, empowering your team with agile, and developing proprietary tools, will help accelerate your journey, but without listening and focusing on your customer experience, all the tech in the world cannot help.

Transformation is about people.

It's about treating people how you would like to be treated.

It's about engaging input, not issuing directives.

It's about collaboration and transparency.

It's about listening, before talking.

It's about paying attention to your audience.

It's about challenging the status quo.

It's about discovering what people want and giving it to them.

It's about finding the truth.

It's about creating a more, personal, thoughtful and elevated experience, at every touch point.

It's about conversation.

It's about authenticity. Or to use a simpler word, being real.

Talking in a way that people can understand.

It's about better communication.

Above all, it's about transforming our connections, online and off, to be more meaningful.

It's about being human.

Technology can help bring us closer together, build a better experience, and even change the world.

Technology can also distract us from what is important, limit conversations and push us further apart. Why do we do abuse it? Why do we pick up our phones and stop listening to the person in front of us?

I humbly propose a list of reasons for your consideration -

Top 10 Reasons to Use your Phone During a Live Meeting or Conversation

  1. Your are defined by the gadgets you carry.

  2. Your messages are more important than the people in the room.

  3. You are expecting a call, which you think everyone in the room would like to hear.

  4. You need to prove just how busy you are.

  5. Your entire worth is in your hand.

  6. You like to see your phone vibrate.

  7. Your primary contribution at work is managing emails.

  8. You are the only one in the building who can answer this question.

  9. Your team can't be empowered to solve problems.

  10. You work in an emergency field.

Okay, that last one makes sense to me. But a list of one is no fun.

So put your phone down and talk to me. What's your reason?

Tell me what you think.

Are there any exceptions?

Stay tuned for more musings on life and technology.

Next up - "Top 5 Reasons to Text and Drive."

Happy New Year!

Be human out there.

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